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Important parameter of system success is the proper installation. Brainbox Technology is the only Greek company that has developed and installed more than 25 bicycle sharing systems in Greece and Cyprus and has a network of over 2,000 bicycles and 60 rental stations.


The choice of installation sites is an important decision that affects the system decisively. Brainbox based on the characteristics of each installation site, makes a functional study and the expected movement of the stations and the system in order to select carefully the installation locations of bicycle sharing stations. Also very important is the combination of EasyBike system with other available means of transportation so there is complementarity and overall convenience. Our company has ongoing collaborations with Transportation – specialists focused on traffic – move to propose the best solutions in each case.

easybike van

Further more, Brainbox Technology and EasyBike system have exclusive cooperation agreement with the most qualified firm in bicycle sharing systems in the world, the company MetroBike LLC.


The installation of stations is made by a specialist company that carries out the operations with the least possible disturbance to the surroundings. Bicycles appropriately regulated by bicycle technicians with experience and delivered ready for operation. The configuration and interconnection of electronic components and software carried out by qualified engineers. The system is delivered fully functional.

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