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Easybike ™ system consists of high ergonomic products and features and combines different technologies providing high quality services. It consists of the following elements:
• Bicycles of special construction for urban environment
• Rental stations
• Bicycle parking stands near the stations
• System management software and billing services


The development of the system is unique for each installation, as well as the individual characteristics of the components parts are tailored to each region in order to meet the needs. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out an appropriate study for each installation region to gather motion parameters, demographics, weather and other information and derive conclusions about the expected traffic, billing, user behaviour , the need for support and redistribution.


EasyBike ™ system bicycles are an essential part of the system. They are special constructions for use within the city while being resistant to damages and tough use. The bicycles are designed for easy use by both sexes.


Easybike ™ rental stations are outdoor structures (kiosks or terminals) where transactions are made by users. The basic shape and size of the stations varies depending on the version of the system, the available space and the available budget.


EasyBike software is installed in the system management and in rental stations. The stations with the use of the software enable interaction with the user, provide information and bicycle services while the control center ensures the complete and proper functioning of the system and provides billing information, usage and on-line tracking system .

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