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Mobile Apps that promote green mobility and cycling in general such as the app Bike Your City to increase bicycle use in the city


mobile app for sustainable mobility by bicycle

The application «Bike your city» is a mobile app for sustainable mobility by bicycle. The creation of the application «Bike your city» stems from the idea that “cycling in the city” means daily short journeys (from 1-5 km), given that about 80% of daily trips in modern cities regards distances less of 5 km.

The purpose of the application is to highlight the importance of “all do a few kilometers, contributing to a common goal.”

The first objective of this application is to increase bicycle use in the city by ordinary everyday users, while giving incentive and experienced cyclists to increase the miles that they do in order to contribute to a common goal.

The second objective is to create a “community” of citizens who understand that the improvement of everyday life is not only a matter for the authorities, but also the action of the citizens themselves. In short, collective effort, we can have very significant effects on the development of the bike.

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