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EasyBike ™ system includes specific bikes. The manufacture of bicycles differs from the construction of commercial models that can cope with hard use and are separated from the common bikes to prevent theft. The bicycle features are essential for safety, comfort and optimum performance. EasyBike bikes are made of special lightweight material compliance with all relevant safety standards. They have special vandal features and capabilities that make them especially for communal use. The bikes are provided with a special area for ads.

Before the supply and installation of the system, an analysis of the system’s operating environment is contacted and depending on the results (target audience, way of use, time availability, topography, etc.), the characteristics of the bicycles are adapted respectively in order to achieve optimal performance.

Our bicycles manufacturer is the company IDEAL N. MANIATOPOULOS SA which is the largest Greek bicycle manufacturer with high export potential. Through the cooperation of the two companies, bicycles are provided customised where appropriate according with the requirements, while ensuring the smooth functioning and well-maintained of bicycles through cooperation with a wide network with strong technical expertise.

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